Marketers feed on this. According to Mintel, a market research firm, “75 percent of consumers who do not have celiac disease or sensitivity to gluten eat these foods because they believe they are healthier, despite the lack of any scientific research confirming the validity of this theory.” Mintel predicts, “the gluten-free food and beverage market will grow 48 percent from 2013-2016, to $15.6 billion, at current prices.”

A few weeks ago a report came out suggesting that non-celiac gluten sensitivity may not really be the market opportunity we once thought. The researchers concluded that gluten had no real effect on patients who claimed to be gluten sensitive and do not have celiac disease.  In fact, the suggestion was that consumers with digestive disorders may be suffering from another food ingredient in our food that  has been defined as FODMAP’s (stands for fermentable oligo-saccharides, disaccharides, mono-saccharides and polyols). FODMAP’s are a group of carbohydrates  which are often poorly absorbed in the small intestine, and when fermented by gut bacteria produces gas and leads to other gastrointestinal maladies.

The gluten-free industry, this includes marketers and healthcare providers are not abandoning this group of  non-celiac gluten sensitive consumers as they represent 6-7% of the population however, will these new studies have impact on the marketer’s new product development and innovation and where will this all sort out in an industry with poorly defined boundaries.  Read more….

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Gluten-Free Mania — If You’re Following the Fad, You’re a Marketer’s Dream and Part of the 

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