With today’s highly innovative and competitive market consumers do fall back on brand trust as a means of creating differentiation for a brand. This intuitive distinction is key for roughly 30% of consumers when making a brand decision. It seems to simplify choices and perhaps changes the critical steps involved in the consumer buying cycle.

When exploring the Consumerology study by Bensimon Byrne it is interesting to see what elements of a brand support their trust equation.  Some elements appear to be a given with a brand – quality, safety, price/ value.  However, the role of the brand’s front line representative and how a consumer is treated is now critical to our feelings of trust.

When I consider the gluten-free category, I can only reinforce to marketers the case studies of brand owners like Zappos, Nordstrom’s and TD Bank represent large organizations with infrastructures to create this trust, yet every day I work with lots of small  gluten-free brand owners that look to add their personal story and touch to a category where safety, quality and value can easily be eclipsed by a customer service representative who listens and understands the challenges of the gluten-free diet.  Full Article

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