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Our Communication Tools

We use both online and offline communication tools to reach gluten-free the consumer. Using your target audience definitions we can guide you to the optimized communication package to cost effectively reach your consumer with a strong and personalized approach.


Communication Tools

Our Services

With media in an unprecedented state of flux and evolution, The Gluten-Free Agency acts as expert interpreters, assessors and guides to the celiac community for marketers.

We offer our clients an integrated solution across core services such as strategic media planning, negotiation and execution and our specialist services including: research and insights, 360o integrated online and offline communication solutions, sponsorship consultancy, content creation and brand-driven creative campaigns.

We also use a 360° brand strategy with our gluten-free consumer.

Our integrated marketing campaigns use a more holistic approach than those using a single marketing medium. They’re more interesting to the gluten-free consumer, more impactful, and typically have higher response rates and generate more leads.

Multiple Media Sources Create an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Single media campaigns often fail to convert interested prospects because many people may not have time to take action on the first touch. Others may file for later review but never get to it. These days, most of us are too busy and often manage by focusing on the hottest fires. If you don’t land at the top of the list, you are forgotten.

Conclusion? To draw consumers’ attention deliver a strong message using multiple media sources. Repetition from different origins gives you more chances at conversion. Hitting prospects through different channels builds a stronger awareness.

We use the following 8 key elements when assessing and developing our clients’ communication programs.

8 Key Elements of a Successful Interactive Campaign

  1. Feature Key Communication Points

  2. Always an “Opt-in For More”

  3. Personalization

  4. Participation

  5. Entertainment

  6. Persuasive Component

  7. Viral Component

  8. Database Capture


Range of Media Vehicles we Access to Reach the Gluten-Free/Celiac Community

The Gluten-Free Agency Media Vehicles












  • Skyscrapers, Banners, Tiles

  • Email Marketing

  • Streamed Audio and Video Pre-rolls

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Channel Sponsorships

  • Channel Placements

  • Poll Sponsorships

  • Feature Channels

  • Interactive Contests

  • Prediction, Trivia and Skill Games

  • Custom Games

  • Tip/Fact/Joke of the Day

  • Cyber Remotes

  • Pop Quiz

  • User Generated Content

  • On-Demand and Real Time Webcasts

  • Integrated Product and Brand Placement

  • Video Infomercials

  • Moderated Chat

  • Podcast Pre-rolls

  • Interactive Events

  • Custom Microsites

  • Brand Extensions

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Sponsored Widgets

  • Cyber Street Teams

  • Surveys and Focus Groups

  • Public Relations

  • Associations, Bloggers & Medical Community Access

  • Direct Marketing – eblasts, newsletters, audiopostcards,

  • Website Advertising

  • Product Demonstrations & Event Marketing

  • Social Media and Education Events

  • Couponing

  • Recipe Development

  • Sensory Product Optimization

  • Regulatory Direction




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